Jama Anderson
Math Coach K-5 | 865-980-1430 (ext. 67-2157)
B.S.,M.S., M+45 degree hours
Instructionally supports all Elementary Math teachers by providing curricular resources and activities. Models effective teaching in classrooms. Provides Professional Development training in regards to the Math Curriculum and Mathematical Content.

Amie Stone
Special Education Instructional Coach | 865-984-1212 (ext. 55-2197)
Provides Professional Development Training and Instructional Support to all Special Education Teachers/Staff in Blount County Schools.

Jennifer Axley
Math Coach | 865-982-3211 (ext. 54-2161)
B.S., M.S., EdS
Serves as a teacher resource. Provides curriculum resources and activities for the mathematics teachers in the BCS middle and high schools and provides professional development in both curriculum and mathematical content for our teachers.

Donny Anderson
Data Coach | 865-984-1212 (ext. 55-2112)
B.S., M.S., EdS
Analyzes data from achievement scores and other statistical information and trains and support teachers in reviewing their own student data. Also serves as the data comptroller with teacher evaluation scores.

Susan Elrod
Special Education Instructional Coach | 865-984-1212 (ext. 55-2198)
B.S., M.Ed.,ED.S., NBCT
Support special education teachers with paperwork, curriculum, and compliance. Also train and support teachers in all grade levels with implementation, certification, and fidelity of the Wilson Language Programs: Fundations, Just Words, and the Wilson Reading System.

Elaine Hurst
Literacy Coach K-12 | 865-984-1212 (ext. 68-2141)
B.A., M.A., Ed.A., Reading Specialist Certificate K-12
Support special education teachers with paperwork, curriculum, and compliance. Trains and oversees the K-8 reading RTI/Interventions; liaison for K-8 Title I teachers; provides literacy/writing instructional resources and coaching support for K-5 classroom teachers; models literacy & writing lessons for all K-5 teachers; provides literacy & writing professional development training for all K-5 teachers.